5 Reasons to Join Team Tinashe



Tinashe came out of the musical nowhere this summer with her smash single "2 On." I didn't pay her much attention as an artist with staying power until rave reviews for her debut album, Aquarius, started to pour in.  Here are the five things that made me join #teamTinashe. 

1. She can actually sing.  Check her out her version of the National Anthem.

2. She played a character named Celeste on Two and a Half Men. Bottom line: she's acted alongside Michael Clark Duncan (RIP) and Charlie Sheen

3. Of course, she's beautiful

4. AND, she's also smart and can hold her own (see her Breakfast Club interview). 

5. She's not all about the turn-up. (LISTEN to her collaboration with Devonte Hynes for "Bet" - he's the producer behind Solange's True)

Bonus: her name is from Zimbabwe and means "we are with God."