Black-ish Review: What I Loved, What I Hated.


Tonight welcomed the debut of ABC's new series Black-ish starring Anthony Anderson, Laurence Fishburn and Tracee Ellis Ross. I eagerly tuned in hoping for 2014's answer to My Wife and Kids or a more culturally relevant (to me), but equally as funny Modern Family. Honestly, I got neither. 

  • The Good: Black-ish has a talented cast and every opportunity to be both comedic and showcase a different side of Black culture. I liked seeing a Black professional in the workplace and a show centered around family. The baby girl in the family is full of personality - give her more screen time! 
  • The Bad: the writing. The show was incoherent and felt like it needed to be an hour long to live up to its true potential. The dialogue felt so blah blah blah for 80% of the show. The best scene was Tracee's character laying down the law to Anderson after she caught him throwing his son an African rights of passage ceremony complete with a dashiki. 

If you tuned in, what did you think about the show?