Don Lemon & Trinidad James Debate Using the N-World on CN


Don Lemon brought rapper Trinidad James (along with commentators Ben Ferguson and Marc Lamont Hill) to CNN for a debate and discussion about the N-Word. Here's what went down. 

While discussing James' use of the word in his music and his music's influence on the now closed Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma, Lemon takes the stance that Blacks have "bastardized" the N-word, but that the word shouldn't necessarily go unused. *Slaps forehead* 

Then, Ben Ferguson attempts to argue that the N-word should go away. He also claims that the reason rappers won't stop using the N-word is because they are afraid of losing out on money. Marc Lamont Hill quickly schools Ferguson on the history of the word.  

I try to avoid using the N-word. Frankly, if you aren't Black, it's hard to simultaneously understand how it's used by our community and how it can be offensive if used by someone not in our community. According to the late Maya Angelou, 

The“b” word and the “n” word are like poison, whether you take poison from a vial or pour it into Bavarian crystal, it is still poison.

What's your take on the N-word?