Kanye's Right: Kim Kardashian's Power Isn't Just in Her Body

Kim Kardashian's naked quest to "break the Internet" was met with mixed reactions. Many questioned Kim's objectives and many celebrated her MILF-ness. Regardless of what you may think of the 34-year-old, you have to accept that Kim's influence has extended far beyond reality TV.

Not only has she also conquered fashion and beauty, Kim has also moved over 28 million downloads of her app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Her mobile win, not her body, landed her on the cover of Adweek.  On Kim's influence, her husband sums it up best. During a recent interview with Power 105.1's Breakfast Club, Kanye went on record about his wife saying: 

It’s important, I think, for her to stand up in all of her glory and all her power. Her power is in her body. It’s in her nudity. Her power’s in her mind, her power’s in her family
— Kanye West on The Breakfast Club