The Tink Music No One Is Talking About, But Should Be


All the buzz around Timbaland's new artist, Tink, is centered around songs that we can't go out to iTunes and download. That's how good she is. 

During Tim's recent visit to The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy got his hands on an alternate version of Rick Ross' "Movin' Bass" featuring Tink and Jay-Z and played it for the world to hear.  Similar to Nicki Minaj's "Monster" feature, Tink stole the track and now the streets are buzzing about Tink (and Rick Ross is salty). In addition to "Movin' Bass," Timbo recently previewed Tink's promising collaboration with Andre 3000 called "UFO." 

Aside from the songs above, there are several Tink tunes that we should be talking about - both the products of brand driven collaborations with alternative artists.  The first is the groovy "Want It" featuring Kelela and the second is an Indie rock tune with Sleigh Bells called "That Did It."