Thoughts of a Reluctant FKA twigs Fan

FKA twigs. I fought becoming a fan; I really did put up a good fight. After I learned that she was dating Twilight star Robert Pattinson, it was a bit easier to overlook the hype about her music. But the chatter was just too loud and coming from people whose musical ear I trust. So I gave in and downloaded her album, LP1. Now after a four hour flight to the west coast, I'm a FKA twigs fan. Her whispers and intricate melodies sound like a mix of Enya, Sia and Sade. Interesting.  Check out her bondage-y video for "Pendulum" to see if you can get into twigs: 

So lonely trying to be yours
When you’re looking for so much more
— "Pendulum" - FKA twigs